Your Health. Our Priority.

Junction Health Pharmaceuticals focus is on Health. In addition to supplying medicines, we offer expert advice on client’s condition and carry out basic checks like Body Mass Index and Blood Pressure. JHP is Certified and Licensed by the National Drug Authority and is located in Kampala at a convenient location in Munyonyo at King’s Junction Building, where we offer a great ambience, sufficient parking space and exceptional customer care service.
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Hypertension management

We offer expert advice on how to maintain good Blood pressure levels through exercise and diet. If on medication, we provide your medication, monitor your blood pressure through in-pharmacy blood pressure monitoring and recording and remind you when it is time for prescription refill.

Diabetes Management

We measure your blood glucose levels at the pharmacy and also offer portable glucometers for checking your blood sugar levels at home. We have different brands such as One Touch, Cofoe, On Call Plus, Accu Chek and can avail any other brand on request.x

Weight Monitoring & Management

Whether you want to gain weight or lose weight, we have solutions that help you achieve this gently and safely. We also help you keep track of your weight gain/loss journey.


In need of a Private consultation with the Doctor or Nurse? This is readily available. Please call to book an appointment or just walk in.